Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poland and Promotion

There’s promotion and then there’s PROMOTION …

I just got back yesterday from a promo trip to Europe.

Poland was an amazing experience.

My publisher there is a small one (Philip Wilson), but not only did the publisher’s promo people do the best job I have ever experienced, but also the owners, editors and their friends and spouses all went to bat for me personally, calling every friend and acquaintance they had at television, radio and print outlets, at book stores (The largest being Empik) and government.

It was apparent to me that everyone _believed_ in my books … not just believed in a marketing sense, but at a very gut level, in their hearts.

I’m truly amazed and honored. No publisher can do that for every book, but when you experience something like this it is a lifetime memory.

There are some photos below:


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