Sunday, February 17, 2008

Holmes on Homes: Good Man; Web Site Rips-Off Consumers

I've enjoyed the Canadian home improvement show, "Holmes on Homes" in which contractor Mike Holmes fixes the screw-ups left by screw-up construction weenies.

So, I visited the web site to see if I could buy DVDs of previous seasons. Yes!

But when I checked out, I find abusively expensive shipping ripoffs! $21.46 shipping (UPS Standard) for a season DVD set that costs $30.99! A one-pound package!! (Canadian and American dollars are within a penny of being equal these days).

Needless to say, I canceled my order and feel I wasted my time registering an account.

I regularly order merchandise from Canada and the UK and NEVER have encountered such a disgraceful overcharging.

I've been a great fans Mike Holmes and his wonderful work and have considered him a person of great integrity. But for his site to rip off customers like this has certainly caused me to re-evaluate my opinion.


I ordered the DVDs from Amazon just now. It cost me $4 LESS than the Holmes site. Plus, with my Prime account, I get two-day shipping FREE! So, the whole thing cost me $26.99 ... rather than getting ripped off for $52.45 -- almost twice as much!

My advice: watch the show. Avoid the web site. One day, if Holmes is as honest a bloke as he seems, he'll take his pneumatic framing nailer to whoever is responsible for ripping off customers at his web site. And if he doesn't stop this egregious cheating of consumers, then perhaps he's just putting on a good act.


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