Sunday, February 12, 2006

We Are All Danes

This is a real conflict.

I have some very close personal friends here in the United States who are Muslims. Like Christians and Jews, my Muslim friends find insensitivity upsetting, but they do not riot, kill and burn when upset.

I am also a believer in freedom of speech and religion. I agree with my friend Clark Braxton that freedom of speech and religion protects hateful, insensitive speech and completely looney religions beliefs as long as they don't hurt others. In other words, regardless of whether you are a member of the communist party or the Ku Klux Klan, you have a right to express your views.

I am also very upset with the media as a whole, the ACLU and other "progressive" organizations which feel free to allow, protect and fight for hateful speech and disrespectful behavior when it comes to Jews and Christians, but who are silent now.

Newspapers seem content to allow their "arts" sections to publish articles and pictures ridiculing Christianity and Judaism. The treatment of The Passion of the Christ is a fine example. While I thought that was so bloody and violent that it was religious porn, (an opinion may disagree with) I support the right of Mel Gibson to make it and the right of his detractors to disrespect it.

But when fear and political correctness come into the picture, those who scream most boldly about freedom of speech -- The ACLU and the media -- run for cover.

The word for that is "hypocrite." Coward comes to mind as well.

Google is a particular hypocrite for censoring posts about this.

And if you cannot fight for the rights of all expression, then you stand for no freedom at all.

My posting of the Danish flag is my way of saying that freedom of expression and religion applies to everyone, not just those you agree with or are afraid of.

Please copy this flag, post it on your site. It does not imply support of insensitivity, but it shows solidarity with freedom of expression and condemnation of those who would suppress it -- whether by violence or silence.

UPDATE -- By popular demand, click here to get HTML code you can cut and paste into your site or blog.

(Clark Braxton said he is happy to serve the image off his site).

Let everyone know. The more flags that go up, the bigger the blow against tyranny, hypocrisy and cowardice.



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