Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Random House: The Rich Little of Publishing?

There are few today who can skewer with humor better than Don Asmussen at the San Francisco Chronicle who has penned a hilarious stab at Literary Hoaxes including Random House.

Scroll down this 'toon and see his conclusions that Jesus actually WAS Mary Magdalene, that Winona Ryder was part Christ's inner circle and...

... that what Socrates REALLY said was, "An unexaggerated life is not worth not having actually lived."

And concluding that, "Sure, whole religions and moral codes may have been based on little more than a 'literary Rich Little.' But do we care?"

Of course, publishers have long skated along some questionable lines in their attempts to boost sales and marketing, but the Random House ploys are truly world class.

How could RH take things to such a whole new level? Perhaps the answer can be found in the release of a new scientific study, "Small brain means bigger sex appeal" which found an inverse relationship between balls and brains. Hmmmm, so this means that when you "sex up" a campaign, you get a smaller ... ?

Guess size DOES count!


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*much helpless laughter*

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